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All you want to know about Apple in India

1. INTRODUCTION Apple (Malus pumila) is commercially the most important temperate fruit and is fourth among the most widely produced fruits in the world after banana , orange and grape. China is the largest apple producing country in the world.  2. OBJECTIVE The main objective of this report is to present a bankable one-acre model for high quality commercial cultivation of the crop. 
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Rich Cuisine & Culture of Himachal Pradesh

This is an ancient tradation or ritual celebrated by people of upper himachal. Basically this fest is celebrated during winter season. In ancient time during the winters when there is no work to do, people use to gather at a place and celebrate drinking, eating goat meat and dancing. This celebration was called as "TAYOHAR" as in recent days few people call it "Bakreed". There is a pre defined date of celebration which varies from village to village. People from surrounding which contains relatives and neighbours gather at one place and they use to cut goats & sheep and celebrate drinking and dancing. This happens onece a year. After the celebration is done they move on to next place.

6 Traditional And Famous Dishes Of Himachal You Must Definitely Try Once

Himachal Pradesh apart from being blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, is also a tasteful blend of exquisite pahari cuisine that gives any traveller more than just one reason to fall in love with this beautiful mountains dotted state. Himachali or pahari cuisine has a unique aroma and flavour to it due to the usage of a lot of yoghurt and cardamom and cooking on slow flame. One can clearly see that the Himachali dishes have a lot of influence of Punjabi and Tibetan style of food. The availability of vegetables is a challenge in the hilly and cold terrain of Himachal Pradesh hence, most of the traditional dishes are either non-vegetarian, make use of different types of lentils in them or both. The use of varied spices like chillies, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric and coriander powder is common and make the food rich and spicy; very much to the delight of the tourists that flock to this part of the country almost all year long. The pahari folk also use a lot of dairy products, espe

Who am I really? Why am I here on this Earth? What am I worth? Do I have any intrinsic value? Do I serve a purpose?

Who am I really?    Why am I here on this Earth?  What am I worth?  Do I have any intrinsic value?  Do I serve a purpose? To LIVE. And then To DIE..!! When such questions arise, we try to find the PURPOSE. Life has no purpose. We just are born irrespective of our choice. So there is no way, we are born to serve any purpose. The economies, countries, society etc. are created by humans. The human nature has the tendency to create or become a part of an institution, be it country, state, government, society etc. To survive in such institutions one always need MONEY(which is also created by humans). This has made us think only about money and different ways to earn it. And then we can't think about any aspect of our life. Think beyond these institutions and see what is in front of you. And what you want to do. * You want stay beside a beach all your life - do it. The tribals have been doing it. * You want to travel the

Five Destinations Known as Kailash

For Hindu Pilgrims seeking salvation and pay reverence to their lord, the 5 Kailash Yatras  is perhaps one of the most significant as well as arduous calling. The 5 Kailash Yatras entails long pilgrimages to 5 holy sites in upper reaches of Himalayas to seek the blessing of Lord Shiva who, as per the Hindu scriptures and legends,  is supposedly reside on the holy mountain peaks. Mount Kailash is the most sacred peak of Asia, Located in the far west corner of Tibet. The beauty of the 6638 meters high peak, which looks like a symmetrical cone shaped ice, is echoed in various mythological and literary works. Cultural Significance of Mount Kailash: Mount Kailash is one of the least visited holy places in India. There are many monasteries and places of great importance on the route to Mount Kailash. There are many stone carvings and other attractions for pilgrims. Most of the visitors take a dip in the Mansarovar Lake, which is located 18 miles away from the Mount Kailash. Soakin