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Rich Cuisine & Culture of Himachal Pradesh

This is an ancient tradation or ritual celebrated by people of upper himachal. Basically this fest is celebrated during winter season. In ancient time during the winters when there is no work to do, people use to gather at a place and celebrate drinking, eating goat meat and dancing. This celebration was called as "TAYOHAR" as in recent days few people call it "Bakreed". There is a pre defined date of celebration which varies from village to village. People from surrounding which contains relatives and neighbours gather at one place and they use to cut goats & sheep and celebrate drinking and dancing. This happens onece a year. After the celebration is done they move on to next place.

Goat & Sheep Meat is the main course of this fest. This culture of cooking meat is very much similar to dishes like #Smalahove (Norway), #Kokoretsi (Greece) & #Haggis (Scotland). They also use to preserve meat by smoking process. This smoked meat can be preserved for an year or more. Some common dishes are as:

Hojra: #Haggis (Scotland):

Laambadi: #Kokoretsi (Greece):

Attha Khoda: #Smalahove (Norway):