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My Village My Destiny-Lachhog- Chopal- Nerwa- Shimla- Himachal Pradesh

Lachhog is a place in Chaupal where RANTA’s (RAJPUT’s) live. This place is 18 km away from Nerwa.

Nerwa is a town in the Chaupal of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is around 120 km (75 mi). from Shimla and 26 km (16 mi) from Chaupal and lies on the border of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. It is situated by a small river known by the name Shalvi.

Chopal or Chaupal located in Shimla District, is at an altitude of 2328 m above sea level. Surrounded by forest of deodar trees and with snow clad peaks forming the backdrop, the town of Chopal is dotted with wood and slate houses. It is one of the starting points of the trek to the Churdhar peak. An old temple dedicated to Lankra Bir (Bhairon) is above Chopal. Sarain, a nearby place, houses the Bijjat Temple. Chopal is about 100 km southeast of Shimla. Chaupal is located at 30°57′N 77°35′E / 30.95°N 77.58°E.[1] It has an average elevation of 2350;metres (7710 feet).

Demographics: As of 2005 India census,[2] Chaupal had a population of 6786. Males constitute 58% of the population and females 42%. Chaupal has an average literacy rate of 77%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with male literacy of 80% and female literacy of 73%. 13% of the population is under 6 years of age. It is very famous for the production of high quality apples which are exported from India to many countries. It is also famous for tourism.There are many apple growing Balts near Chaupal such as Bamta, Rinjat, Khaddar, Matal, Chanju(Chopal), Throach, kashah, Poria, Rushlah, Dewat, Shilikyan, Shantha, Maraog, Jhina, Sarain and so on. The town of Chaupal is surrounded by forest of Deodar trees .The snow clad peaks form the backdrop of the town enhances the beauty of Chaupal. The town is dotted with the wood and slate houses.The town is among the most important starting point for the tourist who like to trek to the Churdhar Peak. Among the other attractive places of the town of Chaupal,there is an old temple that is Lankra Vir.The Temple is situated above the town of Chaupal.There is another famous temple in Sarain named the Bijjat Temple. Sarain is a place located near the town of Chaupal. For reaching Chaupal one has travel for a distance of 110 km from Shimla.

Climate: In winter, the temperature can hover around freezing point when heavy woolens are required. During summer, the climate is pleasant and cottons/light woolens are suggested. Churdhar receives heavy snowfall in winter season.
• Temp in Winnter:−10 °C (14.0 °F) to 18 °C (64 °F)
• Temp in Summer:20 °C (68 °F) to 32 °C (90 °F)

Famous Temples:
• Shirgul Devta Mandir Chaupal
• Lankara Vir Devta Mandir Chaupal
• Naag Devta Mandir Maatal(Maraog)
• Shirgul Devta Mandir Churdhar
• Bijjat Devta Mandir Sarain
• Mahasu Devta Mandir Tharoch
• Pidi Mata Mandir Jhina
• Rehatna Devta Mandir Jabna(Jhina)
• Kadasan Mata Mandir Shapda (Nanhar)
• Doam Devta Mandir Bhot (Jhina)
• Diundreshvari Mata Mandir Diunder (Nanhar)
• Shirgul Devta Mandir Jodna

Famous Tourist Places:
• MAROAG (Richest village of Asia).
• BAMTA, KASHAH (kashah is a small villa but have much beautiful place & lso a rich village)"

• Govt. BAMTA,LANI(Chopal)
• Govt.middle GHURLA(Chopal)
• Govt. primary school kashah(Chopal)

Contact Person: Anup Ranta (+91 98998 35625) For all information like Tracks, Tourist Guides, Transportation and Stay.


Beautiful!!!! Words are powerful nd gr8 pics! Really u have done a great job....
Unknown said…
Hey Anup, this is amazing! A bundle of nature so soothing to the eyes. Keep adding more, this is an eye-opener to the inside beauty of Himachal Pradesh!
Sandeep Rathore said…
Designing can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.

Your Blog is really unforgettable, I hope I'll see anything else by nxt time.

My best wishes always with you.
Best of Luck.
Well Aup i have been to your place may be 10 years before but wish to see it again..i went to Chuddhar temple when i was in 6th Standard..well i stayed in Chopal and used to travel to Sarahan and around..Even been in Rampur..the places are so beautiful that they are still in my mind..But i need to do some photgraphy there in times to come after i am back top India ..nice to know u dude..
Hemant said…
Wow Anup... Great job... Keep it up... My Shimla My Himachal..

Anonymous said…
gr8 work, and very much informative, keepit up..:)
Samar Singh said…
Hi Anup,

Great job... Keep it up.....
varsha potan said…
wow its beautiful keep it up.........------............
Well... I came across this blog while doing some research. It was amazing to realize that how immediate is the connection between one's roots and oneself. It reminds me of home and gave me a chance to refresh the sense of deep concern and love for my hometown - Chopal. Love the place, man!
I like the way you have illustrated facts and figures. There is, for sure, an immense need for creating an e-awareness of the place which deserves all that its being neglected and being taken to be granted for. It's an encouraging move.

Wish you all fortunes, dude.
Tarun Sharma said…
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Tarun Sharma said…
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Anonymous said…
I am raised in Nahan but my life's some part still resides In chopal. It was a small town that time.. It was amazing place that time when our family left although couple of basic hardships were there.. but never mind. I miss it. I hope some day I am going to visit it again. -Mohsin
Keep It Real said…
oooooohhhhhhh, my beautiful village(my mother's actually).

i had clicked some great snaps here last summer. pity i never saw it snowing though.

anyways, my grandma lives near this nerwa, in budach, a lovely jungley place ^_^
suraj said…
i was visit shimla two time.Best time to visit May–July and September–November .Some interesting spots around the city are Naldhera, Tattapani, Wildflower Hall, Mashobra, Craignano, Kufri and Chail.
Unknown said…
dear ranta realy you have done a great job. i think this kind of jobs will help us to promote our chopal on world map and will help to promote tourism in chopal.
Unknown said…
dear ranta you are really doing a great job. it will really help us to promote our chopal on world map and will help to promote tourism in chopal.
Anonymous said…
I Am very Happy all chopal information update this link very good work doing thanks
Unknown said…
Hey frnds
Chopal is really a beautiful place full of lush green valleys with honest simple ppl nice by heart.
Its my request to talk to tourism ministry and state government to make it a tourist place.
Ashu Taneja
Unknown said…
My dear Ranta you are really doing a great job. it will really help us to promote our green vallies like chopal and will help to promote tourism in chopal as chaupal often remained in clutches and pauc of non exprienced politicians and being having good exposer in educational & other fields, impression of area is still not given due importance. Thankyou Ranta, I whish u all success in your own valley. Mean I am from Khagna Chaupal and am serving Ministry Of Home Affairs(CPO) as Inspector.
Unknown said…

Its really helpfull and informative , Amazing work.!
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