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Check out some famous Hippie Cities In India

Somewhere in the midst of our day to day busy and hectic schedule, we have probably forgot to live for our self. The never ending work pressure, socio-political matters and the society tension that we come across in our country can never give us peace of mind. And we clumsily stuck, forget that there exists an altogether different hippie world beyond this regular routine. Mere thought of rambling on the beach, watching the sunset, leaving behind all the worries and dancing on the banging beats, is the best way for a fun-filled long vacation at any of the following hippie destinations in India.

Broadly known for beaches, Goa still have places where you can forget yourself in the hippie lifestyle. Away from all the files, clients, mails and phone calls, Goa has everything ready for you to lose yourself in trance, psychotropic and psychedelic music. Rent a beach shack for yourself or just enjoy under the nature.

No other destination could be a better choice than Varkala if you are looking for an unfilled hippie destination. Varkala, popularly known as “Hippie Haven”, situated in a small village of Kerala is surrounded by golden beaches and blue water. The feeling of listening to the thumping music in the midst of huge palm trees is just amazing.

The pot-smoking babas and the delicious yet cheap food is the main attention of this place. The mesmerizing mountains and people playing sitar all around lost in the world of spirituality will make you forget about the beaches. Kasol, located on the banks of river parvati, is a perfect destination for instantly planned “Hippie Trips”.

The haven for hippies, Malana, seems to be situated in a different planet. The Malanavi’s are the hippies of their own rules and regulations. Hippie culture is not an unusual thing here. Rather you will find it common in the localities itself. The Malanavi’s have their own set rules and regulations and love to follow and be in their own world.

When it comes to Hippie destinations, Almora is on the hit list of hippie travellers. A small town situated in Uttarakhand is famous for Hippie Hill. The pine lined ridge, the beautiful atmosphere with Himalayan backdrop is the perfect place for a hippie vacation.

If you are looking for non-commercialised hippie destination, then Gokarna is the best answer. Located in Karnataka, just few kilometres away from Goa, Gokarna is popularly known for famous beaches like Om, Paradise and Kudle. One can enjoy the trance music lying on these beaches surrounded with like minded travellers.

If you are an enthusiastic traveller, then you cannot afford to missHampi, the island of Hippies in India. The historic beauty is its real attraction. Its rich air and architecture allows one to lose himself in the hippie life leaving behind all the worries of their life.

With heavy thread of social religious culture, Pushkar still manages to show its glimpse of hippie side. Here at Pushkar, from Nagas to the localities, everyone deep dunk themselves in the cultural color of Rajasthan. Many hippies can be seen enjoying and relaxing giving themselves a mental peace.

Now when you know where you need to head in order to escape from your daily routine, get together the bunch of hippies, pack your bags and lose yourself in the trance music, way far from the noise of metro cities.